Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get on the ladder?
You can get on the ladder by filling out the application on the website and paying the $25 fee by using PayPal or WTL gift certificate.  Contact the Treasurer if this is a problem for you.

 You can either hold your ladder position from the previous year or join at the bottom of your level. Members not having a ranking may self rate.

You will be given a position on the ladder after you have registered and paid online and can begin setting up and playing your matches immediately.

2.  How do I get the Password for the "Ladders" page?  
When you submit your application online your will be given the password immediately .   

3. Are there teams on the ladders?  
There are not teams on the ladders only doubles partners. 

4. Will you find me a doubles partner?  
You have to join the ladder with a partner.  

5. What is a Free Challenge? 
All players have one free challenge per year on every ladder they play. When you lose your Free Challenge you go below the last player/team within your USTA rating. When using your free challenge, you must inform your Captain when you are registering the match.

6. Why would I use a Free Challenge?
In the event that you are unable to play your ladder matches due to injury or illness or whatever and drop 7 spaces a month, you can catch back up by challenging up as many spaces as you wish. Or it can be used to climb higher on the ladder. 

7. Do we have to play three sets?  
The best 2 out of 3 sets with a 12-point tiebreak used at 6-6 in the third set determines the winner/winners.  However, if all players mutually agree, a tiebreak can be played in lieu of the 3rd set.  Also, if all players agree, you may also play an 8 game pro-set for the match, using a tiebreak at 8-8.

8.  What if a player can not play a match after it is registered?  
There are only two legitimate reasons to cancel or reschedule a registered match:  Rain or if the temperature or wind chill temperature is below 32 degrees (players/teams option).  The player giving the forfeit receives no credit for the match.  The player receiving the forfeit is considered to have won the match and receives all credit.  

9. What do I do if I decide I want to play more ladders after I already signed up for one?
All you do is contact the Captain of the ladder you wish to join and join at the bottom of your NTRP ranking or self rating or contact the WTL Secretary.

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The Wilmington Tennis Ladder abides by USTA Rules
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